Hey, Lovelies!

Happy New Week to you all!

This month [May 2022] is officially 7 years since I started my business ????

?If someone had told me at 17 when I first left home that I’d be here right now I’d laugh. In hindsight, I should have had more faith in myself since by then I was living alone and had a job. But that was not the case.

?Today I stand proud though, because that little girl from Montego-bay Jamaica, with no prospects and nothing but her high school education, has successfully been in business for 7 years yes, you read that right, SEVEN! ??????

?I first joined this group as a reminder that there were others like me killing it every day as business owners and I needed motivation. So this post is for someone getting started and wondering if it’s worth it.

?I started out teaching ESL online but my first official VA job was to Data Entry ending a spreadsheet for $80 ?

To date, I have worked with creative entrepreneurs, real estate investors, property managers, digital marketing agencies and more. I have even hired out of this very group of awesome people ?

?So don’t give up. Stay focused, make a plan and work on that plan. But don’t be afraid to pivot if the current plan is not working. You are capable of more than you think. If I can do it, so can you!

?Love & Light

-6-figure biz owner
-38 countries travelled [on my own dime]
-Lover of life and unicorns ?

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