Let’s take a look at things to do in Barbados.

Barbados is unique and It’s certainly a tropical paradise much like its neighbours in the Eastern Caribbean. Also, The island country is fairly isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, with its closest neighbour planted 100 miles away.

From the boulder-spattered east coast to the shimmering stretches of sand that line the western shore, the pretty colonial bridges and statues of Nelson in Bridgetown to the crumbling plantations and fishing towns of the north, Barbados is a truly enthralling and fascinating Caribbean destination, to say the least.

Where we stayed in Barbados

We stayed at this lovely home in Dunlow St Michaels. Our host was Shelly and she was absolutely amazing. She gave us directions, advice, got us Bashan currency and much more. She even brought us some food to try.

The house we stayed in Dunlow

I definitely recommend Shelly and her home in Dunlow. Check her out below!

Carlisle Bay

We could not believe how beautiful this beach was, I wanted to take it in, jump in, roll around all at once. Of course, we made a couple of friends and took a boat tour to the site of the underwater shipwreck to see the turtles. A huge thank you to our tour guide @Kemarrico777, without you our day wouldn’t have been as spectacular. ??

Located on the southwestern coast of Barbados, Carlisle Bay’s beaches offer calm waters, making this an ideal place to swim. The bay’s six shipwrecks also make this area a great spot for snorkelling. Marine animals you may see while exploring these gentle waters include rock lobsters, turtles and fish.

I love these Sunglasses

While the bay’s calm waters and clean surroundings are ideal for travelling families with children, adventure junkies rave about the variety of activities offered. Visitors can rent water sports equipment like kayaks and jet skis from local vendors, or arrange for beachside horseback riding. Umbrellas, lounge chairs and towels are available for a fee as well.

Carlisle Bay’s beaches sit about 2 miles southwest of downtown Bridgetown. To get to the bay, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal, which is just a couple blocks away from the bay’s northern tip. Free parking and lifeguards are available at all of the bay’s beaches. Nearby facilities include public restrooms, dive shops, restaurants and shops. All Bajan beaches are free to visit and are open from sunrise to sunset.

Barbados Boardwalk

Though Barbados offers an array of beaches to enjoy, one of the island’s most popular attractions is the Barbados Boardwalk. Situated less than 4 miles south of Bridgetown, this coastal boardwalk connects Accra and Camelot beaches. In addition to providing outdoor enthusiasts with scenic ocean vistas, turtles and crabs are known to visit the adjacent waters. For the best views, plan your visit at sunrise or sunset.

the Barbados boardwalk

Most of the review I saw raved about the Barbados Boardwalk’s views and cleanliness. However, the boardwalk’s wood can get hot during the day, so be sure to wear shoes when visiting. And to avoid sunburns and dehydration, pack plenty of sunscreen and water.

The mile-long Barbados Boardwalk is nestled along Hastings’ coast near several restaurants and bars. The boardwalk is free to access throughout the day, and complimentary parking is offered throughout the area. Public restrooms and benches are also available at select parts of the boardwalk.


Party and eat at the Oistins Fish Fry

Oistins is the BOOM ?? OMG I never had so much fun just sitting down to eat. The atmosphere was a buzz, people laughing, dancing, chatting it was truly amazing. Thanks to Shan’s uncle Oconnor and my favourite waitress. You can not go to Barbados and not go Liming in Oistins, It’s best on a Friday night. Enjoy ?

Oistins Fish Fry has risen and risen to become a veritable rite of passage for first-time visitors hitting Barbados.

Erupting every Friday and Saturday night (Friday is particularly lively!) on the streets between Welches Beach and Miami Beach on the south coast, the shindig is one to remember.

There are sizzling barbeques cooking up some of the freshest swordfish and marlin, mahi-mahi and lobster you could imagine, along with live bands spouting a medley of reggaeton and samba, steel drums and Bajan folk.

The real draw though? Well, that has to be the company: a fusion of locals and travellers, all smiling, eating and partying the night away!

St Lawrence Gaps

Walkthrough St Lawrence Gap and you’ll come across loads of restaurants, bars and cafés. So many in fact that it can be difficult to know which to go to and which to avoid. With the help of an in-the-know local, we visited some of the best ones.

Get a sense of the real Barbados in Speightstown

Offering something of a more authentic picture of island life, away from the beach resorts and preserved historic towns around Bridgetown and the south coast, Speightstown beckons travellers with its rows of ramshackle fishing shacks and some age-stained architecture from centuries gone by.

Check out the exhibitions at the Arlington House Museum, where the restored 18th-century rooms exude stories of buccaneers and British slave drivers.

Or, head to the shore, where vocal fruit and fish sellers vie for custom.

And then there’s the revived Speightstown esplanade, which runs the gamut of ivory-white beaches and enticing rum bars along the northern shore.


Get Close to a Green Monkey

Well, not too close! Despite their cuteness, Barbados’ vervet monkeys are wild animals. So, the suggested space between you and these monkeys should be at least 15 feet. Nevertheless, on a walk through Welchman Hall Gully in central Barbados, you’ll get to see a large troop of more than 30 monkeys frolicking in their natural habitat. They live freely, munching on bananas and swinging from vines and trees. Welchman Hall Gully, the overgrown roof of collapsed caves, is a 1.5-mile-long pathway surrounded by tropical trees, flowering plants, butterflies and birds and, of course, monkeys.

This was a lovely walk to see the monkeys. One of the monkeys stole Shan’s lollipop which absolutely startled us! ? We eventually got them to come close enough for photos and one of them befriended Shan and even played with her. Total awesomeness!!

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

 Shaded trails meander through the mahogany forest in this peaceful park. Agoutis, monkeys, deer, tortoises, and iguanas wander about freely within the confines of the facility, providing great opportunities for photography and close-up encounters. Some of the other residents include parrots, caiman, maras, and snakes.

Across the parking lot from the reserve is the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station. Admission to the zoo includes entrance to this attraction as well.

Address: Farley Hill, St. Peter

Official Site: www.barbadoswildlifereserve.com

Downtown Bridgetown Barbados

Walking through the town was great, we even went down to the market and checked out the food we wanted to try. We had the most delicious street food from a Guyanese lady in town toward the end of the street with all the vegetable vendors, by some steps. It had curry shrimp and some other goodness in it. If only I could remember what it’s called ??. All I know it was so good we had seconds and took home a third ??

We just demolished two servings of food

Bridgetown, the nation’s capital, is home to a wealth of attractions, but it’s also simply a beautiful place to wander around. The landmark Parliament Buildings, easily recognizable by the neo-Gothic style architecture and clock tower, and the National Heroes Square are two of the main sites in the city centre. Across the street from the Parliament Buildings is the lovely Chamberlain Bridge, with views over the Constitution River, known more commonly as The Careenage. From the bridge, you can see yachts docked along the waterway and the colourful buildings that line the waterside walkway.

Check out this a lovely Bridgetown Barbados Walking Tour and Lunch


From here, wander inland to find the Nidhe Israel SynagogueSt. Michael’s Cathedral, and the 1,000-year-old baobab tree in Queen’s Park. Also allow some time to walk around the Garrison Historic Area to see George Washington House and the Garrison Tunnels, the Guard House, and the Barbados Museum. For a more complete guide to exploring the capital, see this article on the top attractions in Bridgetown.

The Animal Flower Cave Barbados

There is something about watching the water against the rocks that just give me peace. My friend Dwayne and I always enjoy being by the cliffs, are we the only ones?

Named for its sea anemones, Animal Flower Cave is the island’s only accessible sea cave, located under the North Point cliffs in St. Lucy parish. Although it’s not as popular as Harrison’s Cave, it’s worth making the jaunt from your hotel area to spend at least an hour exploring the caves and enjoying the view. You might have the opportunity to swim in the cave’s rock pools (depending on the weather), so you may want to wear a swimsuit under your clothes and bring a towel.

I was warned that though this cave is impressive, getting here is a challenge and the area offers little to do besides the cave. The fee is a little steep for what you see. Another word of caution: Watch your step when heading into the cave, since the stairs are steep and the rocks are slippery.

The Animal Flower Cave is open all day every day, though guided tours are only available from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tour tickets, which include cave access, cost 25 Barbadian dollars (about $12.50) per adult and 10 Barbadian dollars (around $5) per child younger than 12. The best way to reach the cave is by car, but limited bus service to and from Speightstown is also offered. Attraction facilities include restrooms, a gift shop and a restaurant with fabulous views.

Exploring Barbados by Car or on a Tour

Although Barbados is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, the roads can be slow, and exploring the island takes time. Some attractions are close to each other and can be visited easily in the same outing. It’s best to get a Barbados tourist map showing the sites before you head out.

The Animal Flower Cave is located at the far northern tip of the island. Heading south from here, the first set of attractions you come to are, St. Nicholas Abbey, Cherry Tree Hill, the Barbados Wildlife Refuge, and Farley Hill National Park. A second cluster of attractions a little farther south are: Bathsheba Bay, Andromeda Botanical Gardens, Hunte’s Gardens, Welchman Hall Gully, the Flower Forest, and Harrison’s Cave. Heading farther south, on the southeastern shore, you’ll find the spectacular Bottom Bay Beach and Crane Beach.

Exploring the west!

On the west side of the island is the Caribbean coast, with an endless string of picture-perfect beaches and calm waters, ideal for swimming. Along this coast, Holetown is an upscale community where you can stop for shopping or lunch.

Another way of seeing some of the highlights around Barbados is on a Best of Barbados Tour. This is a seven-hour tour hitting some of the highlights, like Bathsheba Bay, Welchman Hall Gulley, and Harrison’s Cave, and it offers a chance to swim with sea turtles. For something a little shorter and more relaxed, the five-hour Barbados Island and Beach Tour will also take you to some of the key attractions and allows for a little beach time. For travellers short on time, these are two great options.

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