Sightseeing – Las Peñas

It all started out as a trip to my sister’s best friend’s graduation and of course a chance to get out of the city for just a bit. The bus ride was about eight hours and nothing to do but listen to music and sleep. When we finally arrived in Guayaquil, the heat was a welcome change and the first stop was the cafeteria as I was STARVING and could not wait another second.

The food, I must say was better than Quito’s even though it was just food court food. Off we went to find a bus to our friend’s place, people were buzzing everywhere. The bus system didn’t seem as organized as that of Quito’s but if was OK.

At Duque’s apartment, half hour sleep and a shower made everything better and we were ready for the road. Since we were only there for the weekend we had to cram in as much as possible. So, the favela of Las Peñas would be our first stop.

The Beauty Of Places

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Goddamnit! I should have asked more questions, like do I need more sunscreen or an umbrella? Am I leaving anything, like oxygen and extra legs? So yes, it was a LONG ass walk.

Check out these steps! Four hundred and eighty-eight (488) to be exact. My black ass was tired and sore as ever. And yes, I complained every step of the way!

The top at last, weary, hot, tired sweating like a hog. I mean water running off my body like a broken facet. I must say it was a fun journey up and even funnier when the three of us fell to the ground like we had just climbed Everest.

Note to self: girl you should exercise more, you not fit at all.

We walked around, took a few shots and got off the hill. Next, we walked to an old ship dock at the foot of the hill and that was it. All tummy’s started growling so we headed for food. All in all, it was a great place and I recommend it as a must see when in Guayaquil.