Written Pages Poem

Your story is written day by day.
It is written with things that you do and say.

Daily you start with a page that is blank.
The emptiness fills throughout the day.


By nightfall your page is complete, and it turns
to a blank one again just waiting for words.


These pages you fill, and the chapters go by
with memories of good times and reasons to cry.

Some chapters you wish you could rip up and shred.
Some things you regret you have said.


There are chapters of wonderful times that you knew,
things to praise God for, the blessings that grew.

Suddenly without notice, these pages are none.
Not by your choice, because His will be done.

Then you will take this book up to the sky,
to hand over to God of your life that went by.

This book should be special; it’s all about you.
It is written by all that you say and you do.

Source: #FamilyFriendPoems