Hey guys,

A friend and I were discussing relationships the other day and I was trying to get her to understand that, although I get the concept of “protect your heart” and of “heartbroken” I am tired of living on the edge of happy. I mean I would rather have one hour of something amazing than three years of nothing special. You get me??!!

Therefore I am going to love fiercely and without regrets, and yes I have been told many times that I will probably end up getting hurt and so be it. Bring it on. Why should I go around thinking all the, “It’s probably going to end badly” or “What if I’m being used” or whatever the host of other negative thoughts people think on a day-to-day that stops them from expressing the way they are really feeling.

“Dream without fear, Love without limits.”

luv x1

I am not naïve I may get hurt and on the off-chance I do, then I will have to pull my shit together, pick up the piece and start fresh. However damn if I will lose out on my flashes of happy for a maybe. Hell no.

I have watched many family members, friends, and associates walk around for years with a heap of regret, bitterness, being mad at the world and for what? Because when they had the person they loved right in front of them, they kept playing around. Then in what seems like a split second their loved one is gone, along with the opportunity to show them, tell them, how they really felt. When they are able to reciprocate the sentiments.

“Love me without fear. Trust me without wondering. Love me without restrictions. Want me without demand. Accept me how I am.”

luv x2

So today while I live and breathe, while they live and breathe I am going to love them like I’m going to lose them because we aren’t promised tomorrow.

I am Destiny Brown saying, I’ll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets.