Hey guys,

I have tried for weeks to start exercises and actually stick with it but I have failed miserably. So last night my flatmate and I had a chat, we felt like a bunch of unhealthy bums, which means we’ve got to get our asses up and go exercise before work. With these plans in place I set my alarms (yes alarms, plural)  and hour and a half earlier than usual to get it all started. exercise-woes

This morning I got up the a few minutes before the first alarm, which I took a sign this was definitely meant to be. After my devotions (Isaiah 41:10 was my favourite verse today)  I got myself ready to go out and get it done. Just so you know I totally got my ass kicked as its been awhile since I’ve gone exercising. Oh well it was worth it because I got a bump in energy that kept me going for the entire day.

With the torture over I returned home, breakfast was an egg sandwich, a slice of avocado, a glass of milk and a glass of tomato juice. Can someone say yummy. Yummmy!!! I felt ready to take on my day and better than I have felt in the last few months. The plan is as follows: Work on the mind, Work on the body, Work on the career, Work on the fears.

diet woes 2 Be-Smart-Eat-Smart

Mind in order – check
Body in order – Work In progress
New Look – Work in progress
Career – Work in progress
Overcoming fears – Work in progress

Yea in my pursuit to improve myself, renew my grove and find new passions I have decided a change of look would be raaad, so that’s exactly what I am going to do. I will give you a peek at the finished project. So in the steps of my girl Shammy, day 1 complete of my 100 days of Pursuit of happiness and passion.


PS This song is awesome.

I am Destiny Brown saying, you will never be able to please everyone so I say screw it all and just be happy.