Hey guys,

I’ve realized that over the last couple of months I’ve been so focused on all the drama and bullshit happening in my life that I’ve forgotten to actually enjoy myself. Which has put me in this weird phase, I mean I feel antisocial, sad, and lost. Me, can you believe it?

I’m ready for this stupid phase to end like now! So out with  over thinking, sad,moppy feelings and in with happy, enthusiastic, optimistic, chatty person that I remember. You know what let’s throw in a few improvements too. Damn Straight!!!

To get the ball a rolling I’ve dusted the cobwebs off my eReader and updated the library, pulled out my calendar and freed up all my weekends, and I have revived my phone book with updated numbers and emails.

I’m so excited to get my grove back and ready to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

I am Destiny Brown saying , viva Canada , viva, Quito, viva Jamaica, viva Destiny!!!