Overcoming Loneliness Poem

Loneliness haunts me all around
Even in the midst of friends found
Gnawing within making me inadequate
Perhaps, my fate is to be unfortunate

Have I lost something precious I had before?
Routine-bored, I bargain with life for more?
Has love taken a long vacation?
Leaving me alone in empty condition?
Have I lost trust in love?
Reminiscing past lost love?
Sneaking into forbidden alcove?
Has faith waned in God above?
Having had given away so much
Expecting some pay-back or such?
Am I reluctant to face the graying years?
Fear of empty nest, as offspring go to build theirs?
Fearing graying years courting their illnesses?
Fearing the unknown, waking from mind’s recesses?

As the ambers burn at my fireside
A thousand more thoughts alight
Such negatives weighing me down
Leaving me in a mind state, unsound
Haunting thoughts bent on burying me
Even before my life’s time’s up is to be
Now, positivity I must choose
Disallow negativity to self-abuse

I shall lift my head high
Never look back and sigh
Mistakes taught lessons
Made me strong, seasoned
Look at where I have come
And who I have become
Many fruitful years to tread
Many dreams to spear-head
Count on God’s promised love
Showered blessings from above
Endowed me priceless wealth
Like leaping-deer’s health
Like loved ones being around
Like friends, faithfully sound
Like career for my preoccupation
Like poem-writing for my absorption

Live my life to the full
A life worthy and useful
Go on life giving
Someone benefiting
I shall pass this way but only once
Let me do some good by any chance


Poem by Paul Sebastian