Hey guys,

You probably do not know but I am a resident of #Shondaland, hence last week I was presented with the #Finale of the amazing #Scandal and this week I will have to face the #Finale of the awesomeness that is Grey’s. This means that I have dusted off the cobwebs that were crowding the memories of my residency (Grey’s Seasons 1-11) and I am getting ready to relive them through my oracle the Goddess #Netflix.




As all good memories are I will experience anew the joy, the pain, the struggles but in the end I know the carousal never stops turning so I have to ride it out.

Last night while my new flatmate and I burst bubbles from a bubble wrap, I shared the joys of living in #shondaland with her at which time I realised she has never heard of, visited or vacationed in #Shondaland. Of course I was out ragged by this news, however silver lining is I will be taking her with me as I go down memory lane and wait for October when new memories will be made.

I am Destiny Brown saying, nobody knows where we might end up, nobody knows!!!