Hey guys,

I often tell folks I don’t understand what ‘eating healthy’ means and that’s just the truth. I’ve always thought it’s best to be diverse but yet cautious with what I eat. Which means I don’t eat too much sweets, salts, oils and all that stuff.

Over time I find that works just right for me, there’s also plenty of fruits and vegetable s in my diet. I honestly don’t believe I have to eat only veggies to be healthy, so to each his own.

In the coming weeks I will be changing/adjusting my diet just a bit as I will be reviving my gym membership, I will also be sharing some of that will you guys.

Below is a  small gallery with some of the food I’ve prepared these last couple of weeks. Hope you like it, enjoy.



  1. lizzyric July 16, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    It all looks so good. Yummy!!!