Hey guys,

Are you taking a moment to relax?

I find that I like many people out there it is easy to get caught up in the rush of every day life, but most often or not I take a well needed moment to just breathe… I will share one of the many things on my “Relaxation List” with you today.

You may or may not know but I am a #seriesjunkie Yup!!! Movies are great,  however I love having something to look forward to and of course the more exciting the story line the better. For me it’s not just about the viewing actually it’s also about the relaxation and I like having whatever series I am watching playing in the background as I work or study.

A list of my favourite series:

1. Grey’s Anatomy


3. Criminal Minds

4. Empire

5. Scandal

6. Shameless

7. How To Get Away With Murder

I don’t know whats on your relaxation list but you just make sure you are utilizing that list. OK?? Because we all need a moment to Just Breathe, to relax, to forget, to laugh, to live.

I am Destiny Brown saying, Relax, Refresh, Revive.