Hey guys,

On December 31st 2014 I stood at the window of my hotel room in Mexico City trying to watch the fireworks. It was spectacular! As I stood there watching, answering calls and making calls to my friends and family to wish them a Happy New Year, I searched myself. Searched for that feeling I usually have on New Years Eve.

Instead of finding the feeling I was searching for I found something better. I found that i was not anxious or afraid, I found that I was excited and confident. Ooooh Emmmm Geeeee!!!! Have I grown up or what!!!

I mean, Me, Destiny Brown, no doubts, no fears, no regrets. Only anticipation and longing. Every new year I was like everyone else. I wrote down my resolutions, I made plans and promised myself a fresh start. However this new year I realised something, the carousel of life never stops turning, you can’t get of and start fresh, you just have to keep going.

I am Destiny Brown saying, 2015 I am Ready!!!!