Hey guys,

This is month three since I started my hair journey and I’m excited as ever. It’s been a good three months so far actually.  I just did the first relaxer of my hair journey and it turned out great. With all the new things I’ve been learning I realised that I was doing it wrong before and I feel very proud to be able to apply what I’ve been learning.
Since my hair journey I’ve noticed:
  • My hair breaks less n less
  • My hair itches less since I now wash once per week
  • My face has less pimples which Is due to my hair being cleaner
  • My scalp doesn’t flake as much
  • My hair smells n feels better
  • I’m understanding my hair better
  • I’ve learned  a lot of protective styles
Some mistakes I made before my hair journey:
  • I kept the relaxer in too long before 30-35 mins now 17 mins
  • I applied the relaxer from root to tip every time I relaxed
  • I didn’t dee condition, never knew that that was
  • I didn’t do protein treatments
  • I didn’t use heat protectors
  • I didn’t moisturise at all
  • I relaxed every sis weeks like clock work
  • I used a lot of petroleum based oils tht did nothing for my hair
  • I washed whenever
My hair care regime remains the same however I’m still searching for a better deep conditioner than the one I have.  I’ve also changed my moisturiser from Organics Olive Oil to TRESemme Moisture this is because I prefer the way my hair feels with the TRESemme Moisture.
TRESemme Luxurious Moisture (for dry or damaged hair)
TRESemme Luxurious Moisture (for dry or damaged hair)
Olive Oil Moisturising Growth Lotion
Olive Oil Moisturising Growth Lotion
I’ll also be adding Jamaican castor black castor oil to my routine. My mom is sending me a huge bottle from Jamaica YAY!!! I am also trying to get better clarifying and sulfate free shampoos.
I’m grateful for all those divas out there who share the hair journey whether it be vlogs or blogs thank you and I appreciate you all. Thanks to my hair journey I will have healthier hair in 2015.