Hey guys,

So I was taking the bus today trying to reach an appointment. I was in a hurry because I was a bit late. While sitting there I kept looking at my watch because of course the bus felt as if it was not moving at all.

Now this ride is usually 40 – 45 minutes long. So when it got to forty minutes and we weren’t there yet I started to become pissed because I mean obviously this driver I slow as hell. Five minutes late I got up to allow someone in the seat next to me and chanced a look at the driver. Sending out evil death rays with my eyes. Guess what I saw? The driver was sitting there whistling a tune, head bobbing, and hands beating the starring wheel. Man he was enjoying himself there while he drove us on.

OMG all the tension and hatred just slipped right out of me at that moment. So much so I burst out laughing. I started to reprimand myself for being a total idiot. For there I was angry and so caught up in my drama, while this guys just doing his job and enjoying his day.

I sat down and began to enjoy the drive, the sights around etc. In no time after that we arrived at the stop and when I was getting off I just had to stop and say thank you. To which my driver said, “It was my pleasure young miss, have yourself a good day and safe journey.”

Oh man what do I say to that now? When for most of the drive I was secretly cussing him out. All I came up with was, “Thank you my dear sir and God bless you.”

Well then, all in all I am grateful he was my driver today because my day has been better ever since.

I am Destiny Brown saying, one of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time.