Hate that I can’t just text you about all my bullshit. You could totally control my breakdowns and drama.

In this new city and I need a friend to hang with see the sightseeing, take some pics, karaoke and jazz.

Planning on my next talent search… Hmmm I think I’m gonna try my hand at dancing. What’d you think? Salsa?  Tango?

Need a new reading device my Lenovo’s absolutely loco. I’m going through withdrawal trust me. Especially since Kristen Ashley finally released a new book. (Cho man)

So I’ve been a Series fan forever but now I’m almost through with Glee and with Scandal and Grey’s on a break what am I supposed to do? Think I’m gonna try out Leverage. Yeah?

Can somebody please tell me football season I really over?!? I’m tired of people asking “so what’s the score” or “who won today” or “Is your team still in the World Cup” Oh Lord Jesus help me please, I know absolutely nothing about football and could care less.

I’m happy being me, it’s all getting better. Thank be to God.