Hey guys,

In life there are many thing we will never be able to understand and yet they are processes we constantly redo. I read the poem below for the first time when I was about nine years old.

At the time I did not understand its meaning but thought It was pretty so I wrote it down. Now many years later I read it and this is what I realised.

At times the process that things take to move from one place to the next is well-known and even clear. I would think this is because it is done perpetually hence observed and proven a fact. But why does a process follow the route it take, why that way and not another?

Yes I plant a pumpkin seed in the ground, water it, and after some time I see a pumpkin vine sprouting up. Yes sperm meets egg, fetus is formed and grows, baby comes into world. Right?

These processes happen so oft the “how” is widely and intimately known but who know the “why”?

I am Destiny Brown saying, Why are things the way they are?… I don’t know why…. Do you?

I don’t know why the sky is blue or why the raindrops splatter through or why the grass is wet when dew…

Do you?

I don’t know why the sun is round or why a seed grows in the ground or why the thunder makes a sound…

Do you?

I don’t know why the clouds are white or why the moon shines very bright or why the air turns black at night…

Do you?

-Myra Cohn Livingston


  1. lizzyric April 7, 2014 at 10:09 am