Hey guys,

I saw a friend of mine looking at my toes.

‘What’s wrong?’I askedShoes lover

‘I didn’t know people still had corns,’ He said

I looked at me foot and burst out laughing because there was indeed a corn on one of my toes.

After some time had passed I was at a store about to buy a pair of high heel shoes.

Again I noticed the attendant looking at my feet, then she asked

‘Would like me to find the shoes in a bigger size ma’am?’

I burst out laughing of course because she seemed so earnest.

‘You thinking of my corn Hun?’ I asked

‘No ma’am I’m sorry… I wasn’t… I’m not looking at your feet. I mean I am looking at your feet but not for that reason ma’am. I’m sorry you have nice feet ma’am.’

‘Its ok love don’t worry about it..’ I tried to comfort her because she looked embarrassed.

‘You wanna know something Hun.’ I continued

‘Hmmm sure.’ She answered

‘When I was very small there was a time when I had only one pair of shoes, and hunny I was growing real fast. Apparently too fast… anyway the shoes became too tight for me but it was my only pair. And my moms couldn’t afford a new pair yet so I had to go on and be happy.’

‘I’m sorry you don’t have to tell me… I mean I’m sorry.’

‘Oh don’t worry about it darling. I don’t mind that corn one bit because whenever I see it I remember those days and bless God that now I proudly wear size 10 which fits perfectly. And I now have shoes to cover my needs.’

‘Okay ma’am but I really meant it that you have nice feet I’m sorry.’

Oh lordly lord poor child hahaha. I thank God for his blessings and today they take the form of…. shoes.

I am Destiny Brown saying, in everything I give thanks.


  1. lizzyric March 29, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    You are sooo funny…. dwl

  2. vicksboovickybo March 29, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    Loving those #shoes