Hey guys,

Life has many challenges, things that oft rocks and unsettles us. There are even moments of defeat that causes us to question the bottom line.

We fight, we lose, we win but most of all we never give up. That’s how life is, you look at something and say, “Hey that should be a breeze” but that thing can drain you dry!

Do we pack up our weapons and call it quits? No! Do we roll over and pretend none of it is happening, its all a bad dream? No! We try to catch our breath again and we fight… Fight with what seems like our dying breath.

Now when the mind decides to fight, the body irregardless of the fact that its weak will continue to push through. Even though for brief moments we faced defeat we are not defeated.

I am Destiny Brown saying, you may be feeling down because you have lost today’s battle but don’t lose hope tomorrow you fight to win.