Hey guys:

Excitement fills me as I have been anticipating great things for christmas 2013. Family and friends everywhere calling, laughing, eating and enjoying each others company.

I ate soooooooooo much food, WOW!!! It was amazing… I thank God for the fact that He has blessed us enough to have, happiness most of all this christmas.

I looked around me and felt a little hint of sadness knowing that there were many who didn’t have anything on this day. God help us to help others, was my prayer then.

It’s the day after all the excitement and expectations, after an abundance of everything, after happiness and joy was running over. It seems everything is back to normal now and I hope that a little of what the holidays brought will continue to flow even now that it is ending.

I trust that you all had a blast and even if you didn’t, now there is a little contentment knowing that you where alive for it. I pray that you will have many more Christmases to come that will essentially be bigger and better than this one. And that the Lord in his infinite mercies will grant you the desires of your heart.

I am Destiny Brown saying festivities have come and gone but keep your heart joyous still.